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You know what A city in this country is known as Nude City?

There is a village-like resort by the sea in France. Its name is Cap d’Agde.

France: Different cultures exist in different parts of the world. Some you know and some are new to you. Every country has a different culture and that country is known for that culture. But a city in France, Cap d’Agde, is famous for its nudity. People here can roam anywhere without clothes and live the life they want.

There is a village-like resort by the sea in France. Its name is Cap d’Agde. The village is famous all over the world for its unique lifestyle and it is talked about everywhere.

Cap d’Agde is the only place in the world. Where tourists come from far and wide for nude tourism. Here everyone walks around without clothes. There will be no fines on tourists coming here without clothes.
In this Nude City, people walk around in shopping malls and restaurants without clothes. They do not face any restrictions regarding clothing. About 50,000 people come here every year to enjoy the nude life in summer.

Cap d’Agde is famous all over the world as a honeymoon destination. Honeymoon couples who come here can go around regardless.

On the one hand, there is freedom to roam in Cap d’Agde even without clothes, but outside of this city, if you have an intimate scene with a partner in a public place or come close, they are fined.


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