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Tripadvisor, Inc. is an American online travel company that operates a website and mobile app with user-generated content and a comparison shopping website. It also offers online hotel reservations and bookings for transportation, lodging, travel experiences, and restaurants.Owner: Liber

ty Tripadvisor Holdings (Liberty M…Products: Hotel and flight booking; Vacation re…Industry: Travel servicesNet income: $126 million (2019)

About us

About Tripadvisor Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel guidance platform*, helps hundreds of millions of people each month** become better travelers, from planning to booking to taking a trip. Travelers across the globe use the Tripadvisor site and app to discover where to stay, what to do and where to eat based on guidance from those who have been there before. With more than 887 million reviews and opinions of nearly 8 million businesses, travelers turn to Tripadvisor to find deals on accommodations, book experiences, reserve tables at delicious restaurants and discover great places nearby. As a travel guidance company available in 49 markets and 28 languages, Tripadvisor makes planning easy no matter the trip type. The subsidiaries of Tripadvisor, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIP), own and operate a portfolio of online travel brands and businesses, operating under various websites and apps, including the following websites: www.bokun.io, www.cruisecritic.com, www.flipkey.com, www.thefork.com (including www.lafourchette.com, www.eltenedor.com, www.bookatable.co.uk, and www.delinski.com), www.helloreco.com, www.holidaylettings.co.uk, www.housetrip.com, www.jetsetter.com, www.niumba.com, www.seatguru.com, www.singleplatform.com, www.vacationhomerentals.com, and www.viator.com. * Source: SimilarWeb, unique users de-duplicated monthly, March 2021 ** Source: Tripadvisor internal log fileWebsitehttp://www.tripadvisor.comIndustriesInternetCompany size1001-5000 employeesHeadquartersNeedham, MATypePublic CompanySpecialtiesTravel


TripAdvisor, Inc. is an online travel company that owns and operates a portfolio of online travel brands. TripAdvisor, the Company’s brand, is a travel site. The Company operates through two segments: Hotel and Non-Hotel. The Company’s platform also enables users to compare real-time pricing and availability for these experiences, as well as to book hotels, flights, cruises, vacation rentals, tours, activities and attractions, and restaurants, on either a TripAdvisor site or application, or a travel partner site or application. The Company’s TripAdvisor-branded Websites included tripadvisor.com in the United States and localized versions of the TripAdvisor Website in 48 markets and 28 languages around the world. It manages and operates a portfolio of travel media brands and businesses, operating under various Websites.


Recreational Activities


400 1st Ave



United States



Gregory B. Maffei

Chairman of the Board

Stephen Kaufer

President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, Director

Ernst J. Teunissen

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive – Viator, The Fork, Viator and Cruise Critic

Lindsay Nelson

Chief Experience and Brand Officer of Tripadvisor LLC

Kanika Soni

Chief Commercial Officer

Company Overview
TripAdvisor has 260 million unique monthly visitors and 60 million TripAdvisor members.
With 170 million reviews and opinions and 100 user contributions every minute it’s a key
site for anyone planning to travel. It has global reach across 44 countries and is translated
into 26 languages.
Research Highlights
Opportunities offered
 Business Listing
 Trip Connect (CPC)
 Display
Business Listing
Standard listing has no opportunity to book; all properties are front loaded so you are on
Trip advisor. To leverage the opportunity it provides you need to invest by registering for a
business listing which is based on an annual subscription the cost of which varies dependant
on the individual business, this is negotiable. As a subscriber, your direct contact
information will automatically appear on your profile page and on your TripAdvisor page for
mobile devices – enabling travellers at home, at work, or on the go to reach you directly with
a single click. You can also create Special Offers that increase your exposure while setting
you apart from competitors.
As a Business Listings subscriber you get a Property Dashboard which gives you access to
TripAdvisor data which gives insights into traveller engagement, visitor demographics,
competitor data and in-market trends to create stronger and more effective businessbuilding strategies.
Trip Connect
TripConnect Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Campaigns, allow independent properties to bid to appear
in the price and availability search results on their TripAdvisor listings. Until now, the ability
to appear in TripAdvisor’s hotel pricing and availability search has been reserved for Online
Travel Agencies and large hotel chains. Your bid, relative to the bids of others, will
determine where you appear in the box. The top two to three bidders will receive prime
placement for their links. If you appear in positions 1 through 3, your link will also include an
“Official Site” icon, so travellers know this price is being offered by the property itself. The
rest of the bidders that meet minimum bid amounts at the time of the search will appear in
text links below the three main ads. TripConnect™ cost-per-click campaigns spotlight your
rates and availability on your business listing attracting travellers and then send them
directly to your booking page with a single click. You pay only when travellers click through
to your website — where you can convert them into cost-effective direct bookings and use
your website’s dynamic upsell capabilities to increase per-guest revenues. TripConnect CPC
works with your internet booking engine to display pricing and availability information
specific to each traveller’s inquiry. You’ll need to be working with a certified internet
booking engine in order to sign up.
TripAdvisor is constantly evolving and is currently testing the next iteration of their sales
model called Instant booking in the US. The basis of this is a commission rate on bookings
similar to the OTA model
Useful links for more detailed information
 Business Listings product overview (annual subscription model):
 TripConnect – optional BL tool that allows independent hotels to run their own CPC
campaigns on metasearch: www.tripadvisor.co.uk/TripConnect
 TripConnect certified partners: www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ConnectPartners
 Setting up a campaign:
 Case study: http://www.tripadvisor.com/TripAdvisorInsights/n2082/twenty-onetripconnect
 TripAdvisor Help Centre: https://www.tripadvisorsupport.com/hc/en-us/
 TripAdvisor Insights (case studies, how to guides, etc):


Call the API with the unique ID for a hotel, restaurant, attraction or destination.  The response provides data such as:  name, address, overall traveler rating, number of reviews, link to read all reviews, link to write reviews, and additional data elements.  Some data elements may not output if they do not apply to the particular type of location.


http://api.tripadvisor.com/api/partner/2.0/location/89575?key=<YOUR KEY HERE>

Query Parameters

langThe desired language locale. Find the full list here.
currencycurrency code to use for request and response (should follow ISO 4217).

Tripadvisor, Inc. is an American online travel company that operates a website and mobile app with user-generated content and a comparison shopping website. It also offers online hotel reservations and bookings for transportation, lodging, travel experiences, and restaurants. Its headquarters are in Needham, Massachusetts.



Stephen Kaufer, CEO, Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor was founded by Stephen Kaufer, Langley Steinert, Nick Shanny, and Thomas Palka in February 2000.

Kaufer has stated the original idea was not a user generated social media review site:

“We started as a site where we were focused more on those official words from guidebooks or newspapers or magazines. We also had a button in the very beginning that said, ‘Visitors add your own review’, and boy, did that just take off.

Seed money was obtained from Flagship Ventures, the Bollard Group, and private investors. In April 2009, Tripadvisor launched in China.

In February 2020, the company changed its name from TripAdvisor to Tripadvisor, using a lowercase “a”.

Composition and brands

The company’s most notable brand, Tripadvisor.com, reached 463 million average monthly unique visitors in 2019. In December 2020, the website drew 90.2 million visits, and the Tripadvisor app was among the top 10 travel apps in 26 countries as of January 2021. The website has versions in 48 markets and 28 languages worldwide. It features approximately 859 million reviews and opinions on approximately 8.6 million establishments—including 1.4 million hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts and specialty lodging, 842,000 rental properties, 5.2 million restaurants, and 1.2 million travel experiences worldwide.

In 2019, Tripadvisor earned 33% of its revenues from Expedia Group and Booking Holdings and their subsidiaries, primarily for pay-per-click advertising.

The company’s other websites include Airfarewatchdog, Bokun.io, Bookingbuddy.com, Cruise Critic, Familyvacationcritic.com, FlipKey.com, Thefork.com (including Lafourchette.com, Eltenedor.com, and Iens.nl), Holidaylettings.co.uk, Holiday Watchdog, Housetrip.com, Jetsetter.com, Niumba.com, Onetime.com, Oyster.com, SeatGuru.com, Smartertravel.com, Tingo.com, Vacationhomerentals.com, and Viator.com.


Criticism of reviews

Tripadvisor has been the subject of controversy for allowing unsubstantiated anonymous reviews to be posted about any hotel, bed and breakfast, inn, or restaurant.

In May 2021, Tripadvisor faced criticism for allowing an offensive review to be posted about the Auschwitz concentration camp museum in which a visitor described bringing a baby to the gas chambers. Tripadvisor initially stated the review complied with their submission guidelines but later removed it following social media backlash.


Tripadvisor itself potential has stated that it understands “‘blackmail’ — when a guest threatens to write a negative review unless a demand for a refund, upgrade, or other request is met — is an occasional concern”, and, in 2018 took a step to try and manage down this risk for businesses that accepted a requirement to have a user account with them. Nevertheless, media reports indicate that the concern continues in 2020.

Fake reviews

In March 2014, Tripadvisor’s Chinese site came under scrutiny when a user was found to have reviewed 51 Parisian restaurants in one month, while also reviewing 50 hotels in other countries

In November 2017, Oobah Butler, a journalist for Vice Media, claimed to have made money posting positive reviews for restaurants he never visited, in exchange for payment

In September 2019, consumer organisation Which? said Tripadvisor was still failing to stop fake reviews. Its survey of nearly 250,000 reviews for the ten top-ranked hotels in ten popular tourist destinations around the world found that one in seven had “blatant hallmarks” of fake positive reviews. Tripadvisor responded: “We are committed to ensuring reviews on Tripadvisor offer useful and accurate information, and we are very aggressive in catching fake reviews and pursuing the fraudsters behind them.”

Phantom establishments

In May 2013, a fake restaurant was set up by a disgruntled businessman and reportedly had diners looking for the eatery in an alley filled with garbage cans. The fake listing went undetected on Tripadvisor for about two months.

In November 2017, journalist Oobah Butler used fake reviews to boost a nonexistent restaurant named The Shed at Dulwich to the top of Tripadvisor rankings for restaurants in London.

Reviews alleging crime

Headquarters, Needham, Massachusetts

In November 2017, it was reported that Tripadvisor had deleted numerous reviews which contained allegations of serious criminal activity at resorts in Playa del CarmenYucatán PeninsulaMexico. The deleted reviews included those from two women who were raped at the Iberostar Paraiso Maya in separate incidents 2010 and 2015, one of which involved a hotel security guard. The women said they received assurances from hotel staff that they would help out and contact the authorities, but the staff failed to take any follow-up action. The women then posted advisories and warnings on Tripadvisor, but the reviews were deleted. The review of first victim, Kristie Love, was eventually reinstated, but the company claimed the review of the second victim, Jamie Valeri, was “hearsay” and it was not reinstated. The reports also highlighted at least 12 other such incidents at hotels and resorts across Mexico, including one of a 29-year-old man who was raped by a massage therapist at a resort in the same area, where reviewers had attempted to warn people through reviews on the company’s site about criminal incidents that the resorts and local authorities had failed to pursue any criminal or legal action for, only to have those reviews either taken down or declined for posting by Tripadvisor.


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