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Woman earns millions of rupees by doing strange work, calls herself ‘Farting Queen’

She eats Parmesan cheese for this, which makes her farts ‘sulfur’.

London: Some people have an art that no one else in the world has. It is because of their unique art that such people get fame all over the world. But did you know that there is a woman in the world who is famous all over the world for her gas extraction skills? Seeing that
Gas is natural. It happens to everyone. But it’s a little hard for us to digest who can get publicity because of this. But this is true.

Lush Botanica, an American woman who is also a YouTuber and an Adult Star, said she sold her gas voice online for 25 25,000, or Rs 18 lakh. In an interview with Channel 4, Lush said it all started when someone approached her and asked her to make a fart video.

Woman earns millions of rupees by doing strange work, calls herself 'Farting Queen'
Woman earns millions of rupees by doing strange work, calls herself ‘Farting Queen’

However, Lush Botanica said in a YouTube video that she was not ready to let go of the gas in front of the camera, but still tried. The video then received a positive response and was later requested by several other people for the Fart video, for which they were also willing to pay.

In a Channel 4 interview, Lush revealed that one day, she made for 4,000 a day by making a fart video. But Lush said it’s not an easy task for her to fart so often.

Lash also said that she needs to eat a lot of dairy products, including cheese, to make such a different kind of fart. That’s why she charges up to 5 175 for a fart video. That means she earns up to Rs 12,000 per video.

In the interview, Lash explained about her farts, that she eats Parmesan cheese for it, which makes her farts ‘sulfur’. She also eats mozzarella cheese which gives her fart a ‘bubbly’ sound.

Lush Botanica says of herself that she sells it to him by farting on a jar or an item, she recounts an experience she had once farted on his lollipop for a customer to taste. For which she has also taken money.

Because of this distinctiveness of Lush, she is known everywhere as the Farting Queen and is known by the same name.


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