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Will the Taliban now affect mobiles, e-bikes and even e-cars?

These minerals are highly sensitive to the clean energy economy.

Mumbai: Mobile phone has become the biggest need of today. Lithium batteries are used for everything from phone batteries to power banks. In addition to mobile phones and power banks, lithium is also used in electronic cars. But given the current situation in Afghanistan, your favorite phone and e-car, bike are in danger.

Largest reserves of lithium
The Taliban have also seized millions of tonnes of minerals in Afghanistan. These minerals are highly sensitive to the clean energy economy. The United States itself has officially confirmed Afghanistan’s mineral wealth. All eyes are now on what the Taliban will do to them. Afghanistan has the largest reserves of lithium.

In 2010, a memo from the U.S. Department of Defense described the value of Afghanistan’s mineral resources as at least 1 1 trillion. The memo was dubbed ‘Saudi Arabia of Lithium’. The memo came after an American geologist found large deposits of minerals here.

What is a lithium battery?
Lithium batteries are also called modern batteries. Lithium batteries were first mentioned in the 1970s. At that time MS Whittingham used titanium sulfide and lithium metal to generate electricity. This can be called the first successful experiment.

In 1980, John Goodenough and Koichi Mizushima of Oxford University developed rechargeable lithium batteries. John Goodenough is also known as the father of lithium batteries. Much progress was made after this experiment.

From power generation, lithium is used in many other places. The first lithium battery was introduced in 1991 by Sony and Asai Butcher.

The Taliban is sitting on mineral reserves
Even after 10 years, due to the ongoing war, corruption and other reasons in Afghanistan, the minerals present here could not be touched. But the current situation has put the United States in a difficult position. The arrival of mineral reserves here under Taliban control is a major threat to American economic interests.

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The Taliban are now sitting on the world’s most important mineral reserves, says Rod Schnover, head of environmental protection at the Council on Strategic Risk, a Washington-based think tank. Now he has to see how they use it.

Demand for lithium will increase 40 times
According to the International Energy Agency, global demand for lithium will increase 40-fold by 2040. In addition, demand for copper, cobalt and other minerals will increase. In this regard, Afghanistan is the richest country in the world. Clean energy projects have the power to make Afghanistan rich. Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani once cursed the mineral wealth.

Russia and China will be occupied
The Taliban are using the country’s mineral resources illegally. Its use has generated an annual income of 300 million. It would be foolish to think that the Taliban would enter the global lithium trade if Scoon was to be believed. In 2007, China launched a 3 billion copper mine project in Afghanistan.


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