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Will lockdown increase again in the state? Chief Minister’s suggestive statement

Lockdown is expected to increase in the state. The Chief Minister has made such a suggestive statement.

Mumbai: The number of corona patients in the state has been declining for the past few days. The number has dropped by almost half in patients growing every day. The number has gone up to 30,000 from 70,000 per day last month. This has reduced the stress on the health system in the state. But there is also relief. But the danger is not over yet. The lockdown has led to a drop in the number of patients. So will the lockdown increase again after June 1? Such a question is in the minds of the people of the state. (Lockdown in Maharashtra)

Corona virus has been reported in many parts of the state. The havoc is still raging in many places. The second wave of the Corona Wave hit hard. Many lost their lives. Corona infection spread to rural areas. So the crisis escalated. The crisis is not over yet. Therefore, the health minister said that from June 1, the restrictions will be gradually relaxed. But he has said that the final decision in this regard will be taken by the Chief Minister.

Chief Minister’s suggestive statement

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has made a suggestive statement in this regard. “The decision to lockdown was taken in the interest of the state and there is a readiness to take bitterness in this regard.” This suggestive statement has been made by the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister made this statement while talking to the doctors in the task force. ‘Citizens cooperated. But still no success. ‘ That is what the Chief Minister has said.


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