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Will I get an insurance claim if my car sinks in the rain? Read exactly!

Will I get an insurance claim if my car sinks in the rain? Read exactly!
Brothers and sisters,

The rains that have been falling for the last two-three days have flooded many villages and cities. Many new settlements in the city are facing water shortages and many are facing an unforeseen crisis.

The crisis is that even ‘safe parking lots’, ‘open garages’ or vehicles parked on the road are submerged in water.
The big question facing all these car owners is whether the insurance company will compensate them.

Today we are going to try to solve this problem.

If your car is new, the risk of your car will be covered by the Comprehensive Risk Cover insurance company. If you have borrowed a car, make sure that the car insurance is “comprehensive” as this is a mandatory condition of the lenders and if you do not do so, you will have to pay the car installment and repair the car at your own expense.

But … but …
The first few vehicle owners only take out ‘Third Party Insurance’ after 1-2 years with the intention of paying less premium.
In that case, the insurance company will not pay a single rupee for the loss of the submerged vehicle.

Now suppose,
What if your car insurance is 1st party (Comprehensive)?

If the car is still standing, keep it as it is. If the carry has moved to another place, push it to the side. Call your insurance company’s helpline and provide your name, policy number and vehicle location.

A surveyor from the company will come and assess how much damage has been done to the vehicle. If it is not possible to inspect the site, the vehicle will be towed to the garage and the loss will be reported to the company and corrected at the expense of the car insurance company.

Now one of the biggest mistakes you can make in this race is to try to drive with the ignition on before you call the surveyor. If you do this, the car’s engine will be ‘hydraulic’. Hydrolock means water will enter the engine when the vehicle starts and the engine will ‘seize’. If the engine ‘sizzles’ it will go out of work.

According to the insurance agreement, the attempt to start the vehicle and the loss of the engine will result in ‘Consequential Loss’ which means ‘Damage due to any cause other than the original cause’ due to your mistake. As a result, the company will not pay for the engine. The engine is the biggest loser in the total damage and there is no benefit in getting other damages.

So remember,
Do not attempt to start a submerged vehicle
Now the same risk of hydrolocking can arise in driving a car through stagnant water, but keep in mind that the insurance company is not bound to make a claim.
This conditional loss does not apply if the engine cover is taken out in the same policy as ‘Add On’.

In short, no matter how much the car is submerged in water and you start it and it gets worse, you have the benefit of having 1st Party (Comprehensive + Engine Cover) insurance.
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