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Why should we send our sons and daughters to fight when Afghan soldiers are not fighting?

Joe Biden said – I will not repeat the mistake

The Taliban has ruled Afghanistan and US President Joe Biden is also being questioned over his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has told the public that if Afghan troops do not fight, how many generations will I continue to send American sons and daughters. “

My answer is clear,” he said. I will not repeat the mistakes we have made before. ‘ In fact, U.S. President Joe Biden defended the decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan, blaming the Afghan leadership for handing over power to the Taliban without a conflict, and warning the Taliban that if it attacked U.S.

personnel If done or disrupted their operations in the country, the US will retaliate. Biden described the pictures coming from Afghanistan as extremely disturbing. He said US troops could not die in a war in which Afghan forces did not want to fight for themselves.

Addressing the nation, he said, “I am totally with my decision. I learned after 20 years that there was never a good time to call back the US military, so we were still there. We were clear about the risks. We planned every emergency but I always promised the American people that I would speak to you very clearly. ‘ He said, ‘The truth is that it all happened much earlier than we expected. So, what happened? The leaders of Afghanistan conceded defeat and fled the country.

The Afghan army was defeated without even trying to fight. Last week’s developments proved that ending the US military’s involvement in Afghanistan was the right decision.

Biden also said that if the Taliban interfered in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the United States would respond with destructive force. “With the withdrawal of the army, we have made it clear to the Taliban that if they attack our personnel or obstruct our operations, there will be a quick and forceful response,” he said.

“We will defend our people with destructive force if need be,” he said. The purpose of our current campaign is to get our people and allies out safely and as soon as possible. ‘

“We will end America’s longest war after 20 years of bloodshed,” he said. The events we are witnessing now sadly prove that no army can build a stable, united and secure Afghanistan. As history has been, this is the graveyard of empires. ‘ “We spent over a thousand billion dollars,” Biden said. We trained about 300,000 Afghan soldiers. Gave them equipment. His army is much larger than the armies of many of our NATO allies. We paid them, overseeing the air force, which the Taliban do not have.

The Taliban does not have an air force. We gave them every chance to decide their future. We cannot give them the will to fight for that future. ‘

Returning to the White House from Camp David’s Presidential Resort in Maryland, Biden said the United States provided him with all the tools he needed. “There are many brave and capable soldiers in the Afghan army, but if Afghanistan is no longer able to resist the Taliban, it doesn’t matter if the US is there for a year, another year, five more years or 20 more years,” he said. Will have to.

‘ “When Afghanistan’s own armed forces do not want to fight, it is wrong to send more US troops,” he said. The political leaders of Afghanistan have not been able to come together for the good of their people.

Biden recalled meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Chairman Abdullah at the White House in June and a telephone conversation in July. How to be ready to fight and how to eliminate corruption in the government so that the government can work for the Afghan people.

“I asked him to talk diplomacy and make a political deal with the Taliban,” he said. This advice was rejected outright. Gani insisted that the Afghan army would fight, but apparently he was wrong.

Biden said he would not repeat the mistakes made by the United States in the past. It is not in America’s national interest to be involved in a conflict and fight indefinitely. “We cannot repeat these mistakes because we have important interests in the world that we cannot ignore,” he said. “I also agree with how sad it is for most of us,” he said. The scenes unfolding from Afghanistan are extremely disturbing.


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