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Why is the craze of Black Water increasing even after the price of Rs 4000 per liter? Find out what’s special about it

Black Alkaline Drink is currently the talk of the town on social media.

Mumbai: Black Alkaline Drink is currently being discussed on social media. Team India captain Virat Kohli and other celebrities also consume this black water. Consuming this black water is beneficial for health. The price of a liter of this black water is 4,000 rupees. Because black water is good for health, many people ignore its value. Let’s find out exactly what are the benefits of this black water and its health benefits.

The church that goes to the gym, as well as those who are very health conscious, Black Water is very famous. Celebrities in Bollywood as well as many athletes have started giving preference to this black water. Drinking this water helps the body stay hydrated. Also, the pH level in it does not cause indigestion.

This black water is also known as energy drink, sports drink, fuelwick drink and health drink. According to doctors and health experts, the term black water is used for a specific type of water. It contains folic acid (FvA). It also contains minerals and vitamins.

The pH level in the water we drink every day is 6.5 to 7.5. This level also depends on the weather. This level also depends on where the water supply comes from and what is done to eliminate bacteria in the water. Black water or alkaline water is ionized. Which is completely pure.

What do experts say?

Some experts say that black water is not good for health. Ravichandran has been working in the field of chlorination industry since 1980. According to him, black water is good for health. But he also mentioned that. Ravichandran said that whatever is being done about black water is pure marketing.

There is no evidence that taking black water makes you look younger. Virat Kohli drinks black water for Rs 4,000. A bottle of ordinary water costs 10 to 20 rupees.


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