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Why do we give 11, 21, 52, 101 rupees as omen? What is the reason for paying more than 1 rupee?

If you look at history, you will understand what could be the reason behind this.

Mumbai: Whether it is a wedding or any other event, you may have seen that everyone pays only 11, 21, 51, 101 rupees. Whatever you pay is added to a rupee, but have you ever wondered why they do it? It is interesting to know why one rupee is added to the money. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you what is the reason and tradition behind it.

While there are no special and important facts behind this, most people do it just by tradition. That is, people have been doing this for a long time. So now people just follow this tradition and there is no important reason behind it. But if you do a thorough research on this, then this tradition is related to many things.

If you look at history, you will understand what could be the reason behind this. In fact, many reports say that in the old days there was a tradition of giving 20 annas for any auspicious deed, i.e. 1 rupee and 25 paise is a quarter of a rupee. One rupee has 16 annas and hence 50 paise is called athana and 25 paise is called charana.

That is, there is a tradition of raising something from that time, like if you add 25 paise to 1 rupee, it becomes a quarter of a rupee.

People often assume that when any amount falls to zero, it is final. In the same way, if you give a relationship a negative basis on a zero basis, that relationship ends. So 1 rupee is added to that money.

Except for zero, every number has a connection with everything, such as 7 is Spatrishi, 9 is Naudevi or Naugraha and so on. This adds one rupee to the zero as it is not auspicious.

Actually, there is an angle to think about. If someone gives you Rs 51, you feel that it is more than Rs 50 and you have the experience of earning one rupee more.


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