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Whose dowry is this? Navradeva asked for a dowry, but if you listen to his demand …

Before the sugarplum, the girl’s father gave the boy 10 grams of gold ring and Rs 2 lakh in cash.

Aurangabad: Despite strict laws against dowry and social awareness campaigns, this tradition is still going on in many places. Dowry cases are also on the rise. In it, a shocking type of dowry has come to light from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. Earlier, the girl’s family initially gave a dowry, but after hearing the boy’s growing and bizarre demands, the girl’s family has lodged a case with the police.

According to a media report, an Army jawan living in Nashik had a sugar crash with a girl living in Ramnagar area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAurangabad in February this year. After the sugarplum, the boy and his family demanded a dowry.

Family members demanded a 21-fingered turtle and Labrador dog in the hunda. The girl’s family members have since lodged an FIR with the police against the boy and five members of his family.

According to reports, the girl’s father said that before the sugarplum, the girl’s father gave the boy 10 grams of gold ring and Rs 2 lakh in cash. The girl’s father said that he had decided to give dowry according to his condition so as not to cause any problems in the girl’s marriage. But the family’s demand grew, and then after the sugarplum they demanded a 21-fingered turtle, a Labrador dog. He also demanded another Rs 10 lakh to give his daughter a government job.

But we can’t meet this demand, we don’t have that much money, at that time this marriage broke up. The girl’s father then demanded a refund from the boy. But the girl’s father lodged a complaint with the police after he refused to give it.

The victim’s family said they wanted justice in the case. So that no girl will have to face such problems again. The police have registered a case under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and are investigating the matter.


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