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Which country has the largest gold reserves? What is the position of India in the world rankings?

Which country’s governments have the most gold reserves in the world? Find out

Hallmarked gold ornaments have been made mandatory in the country. Therefore, only 14, 18 and 22 carat gold jewelery can be sold in the country now. The decision to make the hallmark mandatory was taken in 2019. The decision was to take effect on January 15, 2021. But the decision was averted because of Covid.

The United States has the largest gold reserves in the world. 8133.5 tons of gold to the United States. Gold is stored in the bullion depository of the United States. This gold is managed by the Treasury Department of the United States.

Germany: This European country has 3362.4 tons of gold reserves. In addition, Germany ranks second in terms of gold reserves. Germany’s gold reserves are housed in the Deutsche Bundes Bank in Frankfurt, the New York branch of the US Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England in London.

Italy: Famous for its historic buildings, Italy has 2451.8 tons of gold reserves. It consists mostly of gold bricks. The Bank of Italy maintains this gold.

France: The country’s central bank had sold some gold. Then to France now. There are 2435 tons of gold reserves. France ranks fourth in terms of gold reserves.

Russia: Russia’s gold reserves have stood at 2299.9 tonnes in the last seven years. Russia ranks fifth in the world in terms of gold reserves.

China: China currently has 1948.8 tons of gold reserves.
Switzerland: Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world. The country currently has 1040 tonnes of gold reserves. In World War II, Switzerland was a neutral country. Switzerland then emerged as the center of the gold trade in Europe.

Japan: The so-called superpower of Asia, Japan has 765 tons of gold reserves. Japan is the third largest economy in the world. Japan ranks 8th in the world in gold reserves.

India: India ranks first in the world in terms of gold jewelery, but India has 657 tonnes of gold reserves compared to the rest of the world. India ranks ninth in terms of global gold reserves.

NETHERLANDS: Famous for its historic canals, the Netherlands has 612 tonnes of gold reserves. The Netherlands ranks 10th in the world in this regard.


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