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When and how often does your spouse come online on WhatsApp? Find out how

We are going to tell you about a trick that very few people know about.

Mumbai: Whatsapp is used in every country, not just India. Most people use Whatsapp for chatting without having to turn to any other app. Because Whatsapp is the easiest way to chat with its users. You can also make audio and video calls through chatting. At the same time, Whatsapp is always making some changes to give a better experience to its users.

But not everyone knows about this feature. So today we are going to tell you about a trick that very few people will know.

With this fun trick, you can find out when and how often your spouse, friend or family member has been online without opening WhatsApp. Let’s find out how this is possible

When you message someone on WhatsApp, the person in front of you also needs to be online to get an immediate reply. So you need to understand when someone close to you comes online.

For this trick you need to download third party app. First you need to go to Google play store and search for GBWhatapp. After opening it, you need to download its APK file.

After you install the APK file, first go to settings and there you will see the main chat screen. Click on it.

On the screen you will find the option to test online. Then you have to select the online status of the person about whom you want to know.

Then when that person comes online, you get instant notifications. Then you can talk to that person and get a reply right away.


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