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What is the Mumbai model of Corona Control? Mumbai model also appreciated by the Supreme Court

A number of steps have been taken by the collective efforts of the Mumbai health department and the municipality to reduce the number of infected patients here.

Mumbai: Everywhere, efforts are being made to curb the rising number of patients due to the second wave of corona across the country. Due to this second wave, Mumbai, known as the financial capital of the country, has become one of the cities with the highest number of corona cases. But over the last few days, the pace of infection has been brought under control. According to BMC, the recovery rate in Mumbai has gone beyond 90 per cent, while the death rate has come down to less than 0.04 per cent.

A number of steps have been taken by the collective efforts of the Mumbai health department and the municipality to control the outbreak of the corona epidemic, which has reduced the number of infected patients here.

Appreciation from the Supreme Court
Due to the declining number of corona patients in the state and especially in the capital Mumbai, the country’s attention has been drawn to Mumbai. The Supreme Court has also praised the Mumbai model of corona control.

In places like Delhi, it is being suggested to work according to Mumbai’s model to prevent this epidemic. The Supreme Court has recently praised BMC’s model and asked other cities, including Delhi, to follow suit.

Let’s find out what is Mumbai’s Korana control model, what strategy has been adopted in it, how is the health department working? And what role BMC has played in it.

Door to door inspection and home treatment
The Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has succeeded in controlling corona cases in Mumbai and is constantly working on it. Testing has been increased not only at the airport, but also at all bus stands and railway stations in Mumbai. So the corona suspects coming from outside can be identified on the spot and treatment can be started on it.

Also, instead of admitting patients to the hospital, BMC arranged for patients to be examined and treated at home. BMC staff are reaching out door to door to check and treat the corona.
The role of ward war rooms, the use of private hospitals
The ‘Ward War Room’ set up by the corporation plays an important role in the strategy adopted by the corporation for corona control. A plan has been drawn up to handle 10,000 patients through the war room.

Through the Covid Jumbo Center, 9,000 beds have been constructed in Mumbai and 60 per cent of them are equipped with oxygen. Private hospitals in the city have been taken over.

According to media reports, 80 per cent of the beds in 35 large and 100 small hospitals in Mumbai are under the municipal corporation. The rate of health services in these hospitals has been fixed by the government. All these beds are being managed from the war room.

Highlights of the Mumbai model

  1. Test every home under ‘Chase the Virus’
  2. Jumbo Covid Center has 9 thousand beds and 5 thousand 400 beds with oxygen
  3. Municipal control over 80% beds of private hospitals
  4. Construction of Oxygen Plants in all Municipal Hospitals
  5. Centralized oxygen supply system in time
  6. Emphasis on covid vaccination, implementation of Mission Zero

Oxygen supply, Remedivir, Vaccination…
In view of the fact that there will be a shortage of oxygen in the future, Mumbai had started preparations. Therefore, oxygen tanks with a capacity of 13,000 to 26,000 liters were installed in the hospitals in the municipal area. Most hospitals are being supplied with centralized oxygen. This arrangement eliminates the need to rush for oxygen cylinders.

When it comes to vaccination, Mumbai is far ahead. About 35 lakh families were surveyed and information was collected under the “My Family is My Responsibility” campaign. According to Municipal Corporation Additional Commissioner Suresh Kakani, at a time when there was a shortage of remedicivir everywhere, it was available at the corporation’s hospital.

The mayor and AC said – our work is ongoing
Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar says, “We took precautionary measures ahead of time and tried to maintain consistency in our work.” The hospital in Mumbai did not run out of medicines and oxygen. By building an oxygen plant we did not allow oxygen to be depleted.


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