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What is the change in petrol-diesel prices today? Find out

Find out today’s petrol-diesel rates

Mumbai: After three consecutive days of price hike, there has been no change in petrol and diesel prices today. Prices were raised for four days in a row last week. Rising petrol and diesel prices have pushed inflation to a record high.

Petrol and diesel prices were hiked for four consecutive days from May 4. Petrol and diesel prices remained quiet for the first 18 days due to the election.

There is no change in the price of petrol today. So far in May, petrol has gone up by Rs 1.65 in Delhi. Diesel has gone up by Rs 1.88 this month.

Earlier on April 15, the general public was relieved by the high price of petrol and diesel. Petrol and diesel prices were reduced three times in April and March. The last change in petrol and diesel prices before April 15 was on March 30, 2021.

In Delhi, petrol became cheaper by 22 paise and diesel by 23 paise. In March, petrol became cheaper by 61 paise and diesel by 60 paise. The biggest reason for 3 times reduction in petrol and diesel prices in March is the weakness of crude oil in the global market.

Petrol and diesel became more expensive in May
In Delhi today, petrol is being sold at Rs 92.05 per liter. In other cities like Mumbai, petrol is Rs 98.36 and in Kolkata it is Rs 92.16. In Chennai, petrol is being sold at Rs 93.84.

Petrol and diesel rates change every morning at 6 p.m. Adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol and diesel almost doubles the price. What are the prices of crude in the international market including foreign exchange rates? Depending on this, petrol and diesel prices are changing daily.


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