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What happened on the first night of the wedding when the bride had to go to jail?

The newlyweds did something that put her in jail the very next day
Had to go.

Firozabad: For newlyweds, marriage is the biggest day of their lives. After marriage, these couples start their life anew. But the newlyweds did something that caused her to go to jail the very next day.

Shocking news has come out from Firozabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a newlywed woman was so madly in love with her boyfriend that she did not know the difference between right and wrong.

Because this woman ran away with her boyfriend on the second day of her marriage. The woman was later arrested when her father-in-law lodged a complaint with the police. But as she was being taken to the district hospital for a medical examination on Thursday, the woman pushed a female constable and tried to escape from the police cell. Police have arrested her and sent her to jail.

The bride is a resident of Humayunpur, south of the Firozabad police station. On June 20, the girl was married to Sonu, a resident of North Kotwali area. On June 21, the second day after the marriage, the woman ran away with her boyfriend Manoj.

But while fleeing, she also stole her mother-in-law’s jewelery from the house. So the father-in-law lodged a complaint against Sune at the police station. Police arrested the woman after she lodged a complaint.

Police rushed him to the hospital for medical treatment
Police were preparing to arrest the woman and send her to jail. But before that, she was taken to the district hospital for a medical examination. At the time, the woman took advantage of the opportunity, pushed the female police constable and fled.

The newlywed woman was chased by some people present at the hospital after a female police constable shouted and grabbed her from Jain Nagar area. She was later handed over to the police. Police are currently investigating further but the woman has not yet told police anything.


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