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What did the Indian soldiers do? The terrorist had to surrender; Watch the video

Important achievements of Indian soldiers …

Mumbai: Responding to terrorist attacks, the Indian Army is also forcing the terrorists to surrender. A similar incident took place at Hanjipora in Shopian district of south Kashmir on Friday. In which a terrorist surrendered before Indian troops. Soldiers have shared this video on social media. Meanwhile, a militant was killed and his accomplice went into hiding in a clash with security forces in Hanjipora area. The Indian soldiers resorted to sentimentality to bring out the hiding terrorist.

“If anything happens to you, what will happen to your family?” The Indian soldier asked the terrorist to surrender. After which the terrorist surrendered with an AK-56 rifle. According to police, Indian troops launched a search operation after receiving information about Lashkar-e-Taiba militants.

When the security forces reached the spot where the terrorists were hiding, they started firing. One militant was killed and another was in hiding in a clash between Indian troops and militants. Then the Indian soldier asked the terrorist to surrender.

The soldiers told the terrorist, ‘Think of your own house. Think about what happened to your friend. What will happen to your family after you? ‘ Based on such sentiments, the Indian soldiers forced the terrorist to surrender and he did.


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