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VIVO: Mobile camera flying like a drone, will hit the market on this day

Learn the features of VIVO’s new phone

Mumbai: If you are thinking of getting a mobile, Vivo is bringing you an abandoned smartphone. The drone features a camera that flies in the air like a drone. This is the first such experiment in the world. If you want to take a photo from the camera of this mobile, the camera comes out of the mobile and flies in the air like a drone. Consumers are getting curious about this mobile phone.

Photos and videos can be taken as desired by controlling the camera through the app. The smartphone is given a compartment with a hidden camera system. It will have two camera sensors. This mobile will have a total of four cameras. The drone camera will fly in the air with the help of system integrated propellers.

The infrared sensor in it will track how far the camera will go. The report also says that this flying camera will provide flexibility when shooting. It can be fed with a gesture of air. No other information was received. If the company does so, it will prove to be a difficult challenge for other companies present in the market and Vivo will overtake the rest of the companies in this segment.

According to the report, the camera system featured in the patent will slide out of the panel and be completely removed with a mounting bracket. It is said that the fingerprint sensor will be integrated into the mounting bracket. This camera system will fly with the help of integrated propellers. Vivo has already filed a patent for this smartphone in December 2020, but when will this phone come? How much it will cost has not been announced. If this smartphone comes in the market, however, it can be heavy for many mobile companies.


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