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Vitthal temple | Pandhari’s Vitthal temple will get an ancient look

The Vitthal temple of Pandharpur will get the look of 700 years ago, the look of the temple will change

Pandharpur: Every year millions of devotees come to Pandharpur to pay homage to Vithuraya. In the future, devotees will be able to see the unique temple of Vithuraya. This temple will be given its original look 700 years ago. The Archaeological Department has been working on it for the last two years. During the construction of the 14th century Vithumandir, the temple will be designed keeping in mind the growing crowds, possible dangers and accidents. (Pandharpur Vitthal temple will get an ancient look the temple will be built in linear stone)

Work is underway to make the temple look original. Let us know in detail what the new temple of Vithumauli will look like. Due to this decision, the Vitthal temple of Pandhari will get the ancient look. Therefore, devotees will be able to see the temple which is 700 years old. The temple will be built in linear stone.

What will be the temple of Vithuraya

The temple will be built in linear stone as in the 14th century. Dangerous colors given to the temple, construction of cement, shiny tiles will be removed. All the changes will be made from Namdev step to Gabhara. The total construction of the temple will be completed in 12 phases. All this work is expected to cost Rs 42 crore.

A final plan will be prepared soon at the next meeting of the Archaeological Department and the temple and sent to the state government for approval. This work will not only prolong the life of the temple but also give the devotees a 14th century temple experience.


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