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Viral video: This elephant drew his own picture, watch the video

Every day some interesting videos go viral on social media.

Mumbai: Every day some interesting videos go viral on social media. There is a video of an elephant going viral in it right now, which you will find funny because you are drawing this elephant in it. You have probably never seen an elephant draw a picture. He has seen such a beautiful picture in it that you will not believe that it was drawn by an animal.

The elephant in this video is four years old and his name is Suda. The elephant is seen drawing a portrait of himself on a canvas board. In a few minutes of video, the elephant first removes the trunk and then removes the entire body part. He then draws two parallel lines to draw the legs.

In doing so, he completes the entire painting. This elephant is completely immersed in it while painting. In this painting, the elephant finally draws some roses and completes the painting with his own signature.

One user on Twitter shared this video and wrote that “elephants are very smart” and that is also true. Because this elephant has proved it in his picture.

Since this video was shared on June 29, it has been viewed many times. What’s more, this video has been shared by many people. Many people have appreciated this elephant and its art.


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