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Vaccination: Zilla Parishad school headmaster took over loudspeakers and ….

Coronavirus outbreak is being witnessed in many districts of the state. To prevent corona, the government launched a corona vaccination campaign. Only.

Mumbai / Nandurbar: Coronavirus outbreak is being witnessed in many districts of the state. To prevent corona, the government launched a corona vaccination campaign. However, in some places even today, villagers are opposed to the corona vaccination. Misunderstandings are leading to denial of registration. The same pattern is seen in tribal areas. Remote mountainous areas. Limitations of tools. Failures in previous attempts. In spite of all these adverse conditions, Deepak Vasave, the headmaster of Zilla Parishad School Patilpada at Chikhali in Akkalkuwa taluka, came up with an innovative idea. Guruji’s experience came in handy and four citizens were registered for vaccination in Chikhali village.

Although the number four is not large, it is indicative of the effort put in and the change that has resulted. Registration for vaccination in rural areas of the district is being done by the teachers. Since there is a misconception about vaccination in many villages, it is a big challenge to first get the villagers to understand the importance of vaccination and get their cooperation for registration. Teachers have done a great job of speeding up vaccinations by doing this work with great sensitivity.

Idea abandoned idea!
The experience of teachers in remote areas of Akkalkuwa taluka is no different. In some places the door is closed as soon as the vaccination is called or an outsider is warned not to enter the house. Teachers who teach children how to overcome problems have continued their public awareness work using their own experience and knowledge. One such ‘master’ took out his bike. The loudspeaker taken for daily prayers was off. To appease the masses, he put it on the cart and the raid reached Pada. The villagers who did not come out of the house gathered and the hour of public awareness started.

Vasave decided to use the loudspeaker after discussing it with a friend. He reached Patilpada on Thursday on his own motorbike with loudspeaker and mic. The sound of loudspeakers still lingered in the rural areas, and villagers from scattered settlements could be heard coming out of their houses. Vasave used the local language to make the dialogue more effective. So they are getting a good response.

Benefits of vaccination, where vaccination is started, age eligibility for vaccination, precautions to be taken after vaccination, use of mask and observance of physical distance reached out to remote areas. Finally he appealed for vaccination. Four citizens were formed. He took the opportunity to reach the nearest hill for mobile coverage. Registered with the help of Aadhar card. Satisfied, the invaders returned to their village of Khapar, 29 kilometers away. The next day I decided to go to the next pada and set up a vaccination camp in two or three villages in the area.

They respond when citizens are informed. In some places you have to walk on a motorbike. But Vasave has expressed his first day experience in the words that citizens do not feel tired when they are ready for vaccination. He has the support of Group Education Officer Ramesh Desale, Center Head Kantilal Padvi and Headmaster Sunil Mavchi.


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