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Unemployed, looking for a job? I get a salary of lakhs for taking care of a dog, see where?

Work for the dog and get Rs 2 lakh, weird job offer

New Delhi: There are many jobs in the world besides 9 to 5 jobs. It’s equally true that some of those jobs are weird. There is no shortage of jobs in the world, just a passion to find and do anything. By now you may have heard of many strange jobs, in which the work is not special but the money is plentiful.

A company has offered a job handling dogs, according to a report by TeamDogs. The dog will get a salary of Rs 2 lakh per month. You may be shocked to read this. But this is true. There is a vacancy for a puppy officer on a website called Yappy.com. The conditions required for the job are also different from others.

One thing is clear in this job that only people who can take care of dogs from 9 to 5 will be selected here. This person will have to keep the dog happy forever for 8 hours. This dog will have to play with her by giving her his favorite toy. In addition, research will have to be done on this dog.

The selected person will get a package of Rs 2 lakh per month i.e. Rs 24 lakh per annum. According to the website, the job is in Manchester. With this amount of money, a person’s life will be easily comfortable, only that you have to compromise with the dog for 8 hours every day. If you are ready to do this, do not give up this job opportunity.


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