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Two new corona viruses can infect people, research reveals

2 new corona viruses can re-infect people

Mumbai: A few years ago, 8 children fell ill in Malaysia. He had pneumonia. But when his samples were sent to the hospital for testing, he was found to be infected with the new corona virus. This corona virus is found in dogs. This information has now come to light in a study. Before this Covid 19 virus, people only knew about seven types of corona virus. Now that the new corona virus has been discovered, it may have spread from pigs to humans. The matter is old, but it is still dangerous to people globally.

“The deeper you go, the more it can unravel,” said Stanley Pearlman, an Iowa virologist. This will show how the corona virus is transmitting from one species to another. But it has spread from one person to another, with no definite information.

On the other hand, some scientists claim that the virus can cause changes in any human or organism. He has the ability to evolve on his own. Four different types of corona virus have been found in a Malaysian patient.

Canninelike coronavirus found in dogs can also be transmitted to humans. The search is on.


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