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Top 10 Oxygen Trees That Will Increase The Beauty Of Your Home And Protect You From Illness

These trees will continue to supply you with oxygen every day at no cost.

Mumbai: The second wave of corona in the world with India caused havoc. Corona made life difficult for people. When the second wave hit India, there was a shortage of oxygen. Many people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen. During this time many nature lovers and doctors were also urging people to plant trees. (10 oxygen-rich trees which enhance the beauty of the house and keep it away from diseases)

You also want to plant trees, but if you can’t plant them due to lack of space, here are some trees that you can plant to get oxygen. The trees that keep giving you oxygen every day are also cheaper. Let’s see these trees, plants

The US space agency NASA has suggested a method of planting these trees. A few days ago, NASA announced about these 10 trees that you can plant in your house. These trees will continue to supply you with oxygen every day at no cost.

1) Money plant

Money plant is one such plant. Which produces oxygen in very little space and even in low sunlight. According to NASA, the money plant absorbs dangerous gases such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and trichloroethylene.

But the money plant should be kept away from children and pets. If children or pets accidentally eat the leaves of the plant, vomiting, swelling of the mouth and tongue may occur.

Even if you water the money plant once in seven days, it is enough. You can keep the money plant in any room. But it is important to keep this tree away from small children and pets.

2) Snake plant

A special feature of the snake plant is that it produces oxygen even at night. It also protects against toxic gases like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, trichloro, xylene, toluene. You can keep this tree in the hall, bedroom.

The tree can also grow from the sunlight coming through the window. The special thing is that this plant needs to be watered once a week.

3) Areca Palm

More than any other plant, the Areca Palm is a tree that takes in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen. The plant absorbs toxic formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene from the surrounding air. The characteristic of this plant is that it grows in less sunlight and less water. You can put this tree in the living room.

4) Garbera Daisy

Garbera daisy is known as a very beautiful tree. Many people also use this tree for home decoration. This plant needs a lot of sunlight. Therefore, this tree should be kept in a place where it gets a lot of sunlight and it needs to be watered regularly. You can place it in the bedroom or hall window.

5) Chinese Evergreen

You will see the Chinese Evergreen tree in many homes. This slow-growing plant grows well at a temperature of 18 to 27 degrees Celsius. These trees can grow up to 3 feet in height. This large, large-leaved plant absorbs benzene and formaldehyde from the atmosphere. It does not even need to be watered daily.

This can be dangerous for pets. So you need to keep them away from this tree. You can keep this tree in the hall.

6) Dragon tree

The dragon tree is an evergreen tree. This plant needs sunlight, so you can keep this plant where it can get sunlight. You can give water to this plant by estimating the soil moisture. You can place this tree on the balcony or in the hall where the wool comes from.

7) Weeping Figs

Weeping fig has been a favorite of many since the time of Queen Victoria. This tree grows up to 20 meters tall. It starts to grow from its top. When the tree hangs, it hangs down to the ground, then it automatically forms a new trunk. As its leaves hang down, it looks like water is dripping from the eye.

This is why it is called the Weeping Tree. The roots of this plant can grow well in the soil or in a vase. These plants can be a nuisance to pets. This tree can get dry in winter for some reason.

8) Spider plant

Spider plant is also known as ribbon plant. The height of this tree is up to 2 feet. This tree can grow well even at a temperature of 2 degrees. The plant needs to be watered once a week. But also make sure that if the soil is moist, water it after one or two days. You can put this tree in the hall or in the bedroom.

9) Brad Lady Palm

This tree is also known as bamboo palm. This plant absorbs ammonia from cleaning products. It also reduces atmospheric benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene. It not only keeps the air clean but also raises the oxygen level.

This tree grows up to 4 meters. Its color turns yellow in summer. So keep it in a place where there is shade. It needs to be watered in summer. In addition, it needs to be watered daily.

10) Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that you will find in many galleries, terraces and gardens. Aloe vera gel is widely used not only in kitchens but also in cosmetics.

In Ayurveda, many of its medicinal benefits have been mentioned. Aloe grows well even in hot climates. Moreover, there is no need to give more water. You can keep aloe vera in any corner of the house.

If you plant all the above trees at home, you can definitely get a lot of oxygen at home. And with the help of this tree you can also keep the house beautiful.



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