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Three days post-mortem treatment on corona patient from hospital for shocking, increased bill

The shocking type has happened in Nanded. Treatment begins three days after the death of the corona patient.

Nanded: Coronavirus outbreak is worsening the situation. In addition, the incidence of myocardial infarction is on the rise. On the other hand, patients are being robbed by doctors. A similar shocking incident has taken place in Nanded. Treatment begins three days after the death of the corona patient. The reason for this is shocking. It all starts with an increased bill. A case has been registered against the doctor for looting the hospital. Meanwhile, despite all this, the doctor concerned demanded money for the death certificate. Anger is expressed after this type.

During the Corona period, many private hospitals were charging exorbitant bills. The state government took note of this and decided to audit the hospital bill at the time of any complaint. He was under pressure somewhere. However, looting from some hospitals continues. A similar incident has taken place at Godavari Hospital in Nanded. Treatment begins on the corona patient. Meanwhile, Corona died. But a shocking revelation has emerged that a corona patient is being treated for three days even after death as the bill amount is due. The matter has been revealed by the wife of a corona infected patient.

The patient’s wife rushed to court in the matter. A case has been registered against the doctors and staff at Shivajinagar police station following a court order. The coronary artery patient was admitted to Godavari Hospital on 16 April 2021 for treatment. At that time he took Rs 50,000 as security from his family. While undergoing treatment at the hospital, the patient’s condition deteriorated and he was shifted to the intensive care unit on April 20. He said he would have to pay Rs 35,000 for the injection on the same day. On April 24, the patient’s wife raised money. And collected Rs 90,000 at the hospital in the morning. The patient died at 12 noon, the hospital said. The wife asked for the body and medical documents, but the hospital refused to provide the relevant documents. Meanwhile, the body was taken to the hospital and cremated. On On April 26, the documents regarding the treatment were handed over to the wife. The document stated that the patient died on April 21, 2021. Yet the bills for the next three days were added to the cost. He also demanded Rs 40,000 for a death certificate. In this case, the wife ran to court. The case has since been filed by court order.


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