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This man spent 20 years in jail for stealing just two shirts in America, was released at the age of 67

According to the report, the accused was convicted under a law made for habitual offenders in Louisiana. He stole two shirts for less than 500. The law provided for a maximum sentence of 23 years for the convict. Therefore, the court had given maximum sentence to the accused.

Washington: A man has been released in the United States after serving a 20-year sentence for a minor offense. Guy Frank, arrested in February 2000, was convicted of stealing two shirts. A campaign called The Innocence Project New Orleans is being launched in Louisiana to release people serving long sentences for minor crimes. Under this, the court has released Frank. The incident has once again sparked a debate in America about the atrocities against black people.

Arrested 36 times
According to the Daily Mail, Frank, 67, is a habitual offender. Frank was arrested 36 times before stealing a shirt from Saks Fifth Avenue. He was charged with theft and possession of cocaine. He was also sentenced to three years in the 1990s. When police arrested him in 2000, he was charged with theft of less than डॉलर 500. The court found the allegations to be true and sent him to jail, where he has recently been released after spending 20 years.

Laws made for habitual criminals
According to the report, theft of less than 500 500 was considered a major crime in Louisiana at the time, and the law provided for a maximum sentence of 23 years for a convicted person. Therefore, the court had given him maximum sentence. However, due to the efforts of The Innocence Project, he was released some time ago. Explain that this law made for habitual criminals was named as Three Strike Law. The law has been widely cited as a cause of harassment and racial discrimination.

Alleged abuse of law
The Innocence Project New Orleans said in a statement that Frank’s case shows how black people are being targeted under the law. The statement said that knowing that Frank was not a threat to society, he was severely punished. Significantly, the atmosphere in America is already hot regarding discrimination against black people. Police recently shot another young black man. This was followed by a lot of protests.


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