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This is the most expensive vegetable in the country, you would be surprised to know its price

Vegetable is a common dish.

Mumbai: Vegetable is a common dish. However, if this vegetable becomes expensive, the budget of housewives will collapse. Vegetables are a staple food in your home. If someone asks you the Most Expensive Vegetable, you will say 50-60 or 90-100 per kg. However, it is the most expensive vegetable in the country, you would be surprised to know its price. (India’s most expensive Sarai Boda vegetable)

This vegetable is sold for Rs 2,000 per kg
This expensive vegetable is available in the state of Chhattisgarh. You would be surprised if someone said that the most expensive vegetables in the country are being sold at Rs 2,000 per kg. Sarai Boda is one of the most expensive vegetables grown in Chhattisgarh. This vegetable is grown in Dhamtari Forests. In the surrounding villages, this vegetable is sold at Rs. 300 per kg. It is sold at Rs 600 per kg in the cities of Chhattisgarh and up to Rs 2,000 per kg in the metros of the country.

This vegetable is found in the forest of Dhamtari
Boda is actually the name of a fungus. Scientists have named his plant Shoria Robusta. This vegetable is also called black gold of Chhattisgarh. Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh is known for its sal forests. Inns are found in this forest. The local tribes call it Boda. Hence the name Sarai Boda.

How to make Sarai Boda vegetable
In sal forests, when the soil gets wet from the first rains, the roots of the sal tree release a specific type of fluid. After this, the bark of this fungus forms under the dry leaves lying on the ground, which is called boda. The tribals dig the inn safely out of the ground with the help of boda wood. The taste of Sarai Boda is the biggest reason for its huge demand. This vegetable is found in difficult conditions on certain days of the year. In such a situation when the demand for boats increases, its price also increases.

This vegetable is rich in nutrients
Boda is rich in protein, carbohydrates and minerals. This vegetable is beneficial in malnutrition, heart and stomach ailments. Sarai Boda Sarai Boda has been an important part of the diet for local tribes for centuries. After the first rains they go into the forest to collect boda. After that they keep some for themselves and take the rest for sale. This gives them four paise for their livelihood and allows them to buy food grains. It also makes a lot of money.
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