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This’ Don Dawood’s ‘girlfriend’ is now Imran Khan’s addict; See what her ‘dream’ is!

Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s girlfriend has become addicted to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Islamabad: Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s girlfriend Mehwish Hayat is dreaming of becoming Pakistan’s prime minister. Expressing her desire in an interview, she said that she has been influenced by Imran Khan. Mahvish also claimed that the situation in Pakistan has improved since Imran Khan came to power. Meanwhile, most people in the country, on the other hand, are fed up with the failure of the Imran Khan government. (Mehwish Hayat is Dawood’s ‘girlfriend’, now addicted to Imran Khan)

Will be making his debut in politics soon
According to The Tribune, in an interview to local media, Dawood Ibrahim’s girlfriend Mehwish Hayat said about Imran Khan that if a cricketer can become the Prime Minister, then an actress can also become the Prime Minister. She said she wants to get into politics soon to bring about change in the country, but will not stop there, she added.

Many thanks to PTI
Mehwish Hayat said that Imran Khan’s party was inspired by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and its politics due to the positive changes in the mindset of the society and the people after coming to power. Expressing her desire to sit in the PM’s chair, the Pakistani actress said that Imran Khan was a cricketer before he entered politics. If a cricketer can become the Prime Minister, he can also become an actress.

Will Imran Khan challenge this?
Asked if he wanted to challenge Imran Khan politically to become the next Prime Minister of the country? “I don’t want to challenge Imran Khan, but then someone has to take his place and I can be a prime ministerial candidate,” said Mehwish Hayat. “Only time will tell whether my dream will come true by reaching the parliament or by forming a new party,” she said.

David’s weakness is alive
Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat is said to be the girlfriend of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Many media reports have claimed that Dawn is furious at the revelation of his relationship with Hayat and is investigating how the news became public. It is believed that Mahvish, who is less than 27 years old, is David’s biggest weakness. According to his order, Mahvish was given the civil honor of ‘Tamga-e-Imtiaz’.


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