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There will be no shortage of oxygen in this district due to efficient District Collector …

Nandurbar District Collector Dr Rajendra Bharud decided to absorb oxygen from the air and give it to patients without buying it and set up three oxygen generating projects.

Nandurbar: The Nandurbar pattern is currently being discussed in the country. The only oxygen that can save the patients from this catastrophe of Corona … Nandurbar District Collector Dr. Rajendra Bharud decided to absorb it from the air and give it to the patients without buying this oxygen and he set up three oxygen production projects.

The second wave of corona in Nandurbar district started from mid-September. Realizing that another wave may come, District Collector Dr. Rajendra Bharud started preparations. He decided to set up an oxygen production project at Nandurbar District Hospital and the project started in a few days. Considering the benefits of that project, two more oxygen generation projects were set up, which today are the second wave of corona resuscitation for corona patients in the district.

After the first wave subsided, Dr. Bharud set up a oxygen jumbo oxygen cylinder at the district hospital to fill the jumbo oxygen cylinder with oxygen. This meets the oxygen needs of 101 corona patients. A third oxygen generation plant has been set up at Shahada.

Dr. Bharud used CSR and district planning funds for this project. The oxygen production project set up by Dr. Bharud at the district hospital is now becoming a guideline in the country. The Government of India has decided to set up similar projects in district hospitals across the country. Although Nandurbar is a tribal district, today it has become a beacon for the country. This Nandurbar pattern will make it easier for the country to cope with the second and third wave of corona.

As the district hospital is self-sufficient in oxygen, the patients and their relatives need about seven and a half metric tons of oxygen in the district at present.


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