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There are so many stocks of vaccine for Mumbaikars, how many days will the vaccination be smooth?

Vaccines will be available at all vaccination centers in Mumbai for the next three days

There are so many stocks of vaccine for Mumbaikars, how many days will the vaccination be smooth?

Mumbai: Considering the shortage of vaccines in Mumbai, stocks of 1 lakh 58 thousand doses of vaccines have been received on Sunday. The vaccine is administered by BMC at Government Centers and Private Vaccination Centers. Therefore, the vaccine will be available at all Mumbai Vaccination Centers for the next three days from today.

Meanwhile, stocks of covacin in the vaccine received by Mumbai are very low. Therefore, in some centers where covacsi is given, the second dose is preferred. Vaccination will not be a problem as the stock of covishilat is high.

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation and the government have 59 vaccination centers and 73 immunization centers in private hospitals. A total of 132 vaccination centers are currently in operation. But sometimes the supply of vaccines decreases and this stock decreases. As a result, vaccination has to be stopped in some vaccination centers. As a result, work has begun to prioritize second-dose recipients and accelerate the vaccination campaign by looking at stocks.

Due to shortage of vaccinations in Mumbai, only 37 vaccination centers were started yesterday. With the availability of 1 lakh 50 thousand doses of covshield vaccine and 8000 doses of coxsackie in Mumbai yesterday, vaccination has started smoothly once again in Mumbai. Despite the crowds, people seem to be overwhelmingly supportive of vaccinations

This vaccine will last for the next three days. Usually, the vaccine begins to be delivered in the late evening after it becomes available. Vaccines started arriving at the centers from 8 am on Sunday night. So it took a while for vaccination to start in some centers today. BMC has appealed to the people to cooperate with the municipal administration and those related to health services.


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