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The women broke the barricades set up by the police in the red light area

Police set up barricades in the red light area for this reason, but …

Nagpur: Many crimes are rampant in the red light areas. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. But the barricades set up by the police in the red light area Gangajmuna area were broken today by prostitutes led by NCP leader Jwala Dhote. The police then chanted slogans against the administration. On Wednesday, the ‘red light area’ in the capital was sealed off by the Gangajmuna area police.

The police had received complaints of illegal trade, sale of cannabis and drugs. Therefore, the Commissioner of Police closed the Gangajmuna premises completely from Wednesday. A large contingent of police was deployed in Gangajmun. Meanwhile, Jwala Dhote strongly opposed the action of the police.

In Ganga-Jamuna, corona rules are being violated, criminals are rampant in the area, some brokers are forcing young girls into prostitution, illegal trade, sale of cannabis and drugs were alleged by the citizens of the area. Complained.

The Commissioner of Police sealed the Gangajmuna on Wednesday night. Police set up barricades in all the streets of Gangajmuna. However, all these were strongly opposed by Jwala Dhote. After sealing the area, Varangan expressed intense anger. Jwala Dhote has alleged that the police are sealing the area to divert attention to cover up their own failures.

Jwala Dhote had warned that if the barricades in Gangajmuna were not removed by August 15, we would remove the barricades. After that, Jwala Dhote agitated in the red light area with the prostitutes on Sunday. Despite heavy police presence, they broke some barricades in Gangajmuna and defied police orders. Meanwhile, the police have taken serious note of this.


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