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The third dose of the Pfizer vaccine will protect against dangerous variants of the corona

The fight against coronavirus is intensifying. Pfizer vaccine will now be available after Covidshield, Covacin vaccine

Mumbai: The fight against coronavirus is intensifying. The Pfizer vaccine will now be available after the Covidshield, Covacin vaccine. So soon a third dose of Pfizer vaccine will also be given. So it is possible to get protection from the dangerous variant of the corona.

Pfizer will seek permission from the U.S. Department of Food and Drug Administration for immediate use of the third dose of its anti-Covid-19 vaccine. The company said Thursday that taking another dose of the vaccine within 12 months boosts immunity rapidly and could also help combat the worrying nature of the corona virus. (Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine may require third dose)

Studies in various countries have shown that Pfizer and other widely used anti-covid-19 vaccines also provide greater protection against the highly dangerous ‘delta’ type of corona. The Delta variant is spreading rapidly around the world and is being found in many new cases of infection in the United States.

Antibodies made against the corona virus weaken over time, so studies are underway to find out when to give a booster dose. Pfizer’s Dr. Michael Dulston told the Associated Press that a study by the company about the extra dose showed that the level of immunity (antibodies) in people increased five to ten times after taking the third dose.

He said Pfizer would seek approval from food and drug regulators in August for the immediate use of a third dose of the anti-covid vaccine. Statistics from Britain and Israel show that Pfizer’s vaccine is effective against this new type of delta. But when antibody levels are low, the delta becomes somewhat active and can lead to minor infections.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center vaccine expert Dr. William Schaffner said public health officials need to see if they really need it, especially when billions of people have not even received the first dose of the vaccine.


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