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The superstar actor’s dream of becoming a cricketer is unfulfilled due to an injury

The husband of the star badminton player used to play cricket but due to this he had to leave the field

Mumbai: The dream of an actor who is making a name for himself as an actor in the industry to become a cricketer remained unfulfilled. Due to his injury, his dream of becoming a cricketer has remained unfulfilled. Vishnu is very famous for his acting in the cinema of Vishal South. He is celebrating his 37th birthday today. What many may not know is that Vishnu’s first love was cricket, not cinema.

Due to an accident, he could not believe in cricket and turned to acting. He had to face many difficulties to make his mark in the film industry. Most recently, on April 22, he married badminton player Jwala Gutta.

Before coming to Tamil film, Vishnu Vishal was a cricketer. He used to play cricket from Tamil Nadu. He had also participated in some celebrity cricket leagues to participate in different leagues. According to media reports, Vishnu was seriously injured while playing. He then stayed away from cricket. Due to this injury, he had to stay away from the field for a long time. So it was very difficult to get back on the cricket field.

The sadness that he had to quit cricket due to injury has always remained in Vishnu’s mind. He had expressed his grief by tweeting some time ago. Replying to a tweet, Vishnu had said that he wanted to keep playing. I stopped playing cricket when T20 came. This grief is permanent.


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