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The state government is already preparing for the third wave of corona

The state government is already preparing for the third wave

Mumbai: Corona Second Wave is costly for the country and the state. No one thought the second wave would be so horrible as the number of corona patients dropped sharply after the first wave. However, due to the increasing number of corona patients, there is a shortage of remedisivir injections with oxygen beds. Mortality due to corona is also increasing. Meanwhile, the Maharashtra Government is already preparing for the third wave of Corona.

A third wave of corona is expected in the state in September, October. Earlier, the government aimed to vaccinate as many people as possible in the state. Otherwise, there are fears that the third wave could hit civilians harder.

Considering the current experience of the second wave, the state government is now preparing to face the third wave. In the third wave, the state government’s goal is to become self-sufficient in oxygen.

The target is to set up about eight oxygen plants in each district of the state in the next one and a half months. If the plant is completed, the state will produce an additional 350 metric tonnes of oxygen.

Apart from this, the state government has issued global tenders for remedicivir, oxygen storage tanks and oxygen. The state government is focusing on the two fronts of maximum vaccination and oxygen supply till September.



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