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The shocking revelation of the actress on the casting couch, ‘During the audition, he touched my thighs …’

The actress, who is part of a popular webseries like ‘Sacred Games’, has once again come under the spotlight.

Mumbai: Actress Surveen Chawla, who is part of a popular webseries like ‘Sacred Games’, has once again come under the spotlight. Once again, Surin has shared many such things about her casting couch as the glamorous world of Bollywood has proved to be very ugly. She has revealed the casting couch. The actress has always been liked by the audience for her work on small and big screens. The actress has revealed that she has been a victim of the casting couch not once but five times.

Presented questions several times over the years
Many big names in Bollywood like Kangana Ranaut, Radhika Apte, Priyanka Chopra also shared their experiences. Veteran actress Nina Gupta has recently released her autobiography ‘Sach Kahu To’. There are those who have the seal of truth on Nina’s experience.

Nina writes in her book that she has faced a terrible casting couch during her pregnancy. The filmmaker wanted to spend the night with her, Nina said. Now we are going to tell you about the experience of casting couch with actress Surveen Chawla

This happened three times with Surveen
In an interview in 2019, ‘Sacred Games’ star Surveen Chawla said about the casting couch,’ I had to face the casting couch three times. There was a time when I was asked to go with a filmmaker. For one role the director told me ‘I want to know every part of your body. From then on, I began to ignore such people.

The South Industry has had a similar experience
She added, ‘It was a great director from the South, a national award winning director. They took my big audition, it lasted almost a shift. I wanted to do a lot of things like say something different or suddenly. I was a little sick and I returned home after the audition. Then the director suddenly asked me to come to Mumbai, I thought it was horrible and I said ‘no thanks’.

Surveen said that the director did not know Hindi or English, he could only speak Tamil. The man told me on the phone, ‘Sir, I want to get to know you better. Because I have to spend a lot of time together to make a film. So, he said, ‘It will only last until this movie is over. Can you do it? “Surveen said,” I still remember my words. I told him, “You’re knocking on the wrong door. If you think so, I’m not talented.” I’m not ready to work in his film. I can’t change myself for work. “

The filmmaker wanted to see Cleavage
Talking about her experience of casting couch in Hindi cinema, she said, “It happened very recently last year. I had to get out of the office. Because someone forced me to do that. Surveen said, ‘A filmmaker wanted to see how my cleavage looks and how my thighs look. Come on, such things really do happen.


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