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The second wave has not yet subsided, the same third wave is formed; Infection will increase again in India by this month

A third wave of corona virus infection could soon spread across the country. According to experts, the country may face a third wave in the next few months

New Delhi: A third wave of corona virus could spread across the country soon. According to experts, the country may face a third wave in the next few months. Currently, the second wave of corona has not subsided. The second wave has claimed the lives of countless patients. The health system had collapsed. There was a lack of oxygen and medicine. Therefore, against the backdrop of the third wave, preparations are being made to expand health facilities in the country.

A third wave is expected, Reuters poll has warned. With increasing health facilities, the government can control the third wave better than the second wave.

Vaccination will reduce the corona
A study by experts from around the world has shown that vaccination reduces the effects of corona infection. He also predicted that a third wave could hit India by October.

Mumbai: Corona virus has been rampant not only in the country but in the entire world since last year. After humans, animals are now infected with the corona. Nine lions have been infected with corona in a garden in Chennai. Nine lion corona positives were found at Arigar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai. Four of the nine lions were tested for genome sequencing at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research – National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases.

According to a report on genome sequencing conducted in Bhopal, four lion delda variants have been infected. According to the president, ‘Four samples of genome sequencing NIHSAD were sent here. The Delda variant was first found in India. Now the Delta variant is everywhere.


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