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The notes of Afghanistan are printed in this country, the price is so much compared to the rupee

The situation in Afghanistan is likely to devalue the currency.

Afghanistan Crisis: The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan and there is a lot of talk in the near future about the devaluation of Afghanistan’s currency. Despite the crisis, the currency has remained stable so far. Afghanistan is printing its currency not from within the country but from outside. What is the currency of Afghanistan, where and how is it printed?

Afghanistan Currency Afghani

There is a lot of confusion about the condition of the banks and the currency in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over. People are having trouble withdrawing money from banks. The currency of Afghanistan is Afghani. Once upon a time, the Afghan rupee was used here, but in 1925, a new currency, the Afghani, was introduced in the country.

Bank of Afghanistan

The Central Bank of Afghanistan is responsible for printing, distributing and controlling currency. It was founded in 1939. The bank is headquartered in Kabul. The bank has 46 branches across the country. The post has been vacant since the Taliban took power. The Afghan currency was devalued when the Taliban last seized power. The same is true this time.

One Afghani to 1000 Afghani currency is used in Afghanistan. This currency is available in both Afghani note and coin format. The Bank of Afghanistan issues new notes every five years, but these notes are printed outside, not in Afghanistan.

The currency of Afghanistan is printed in the world’s largest private currency printing house in Basingstoke, England. Currencies from 140 countries around the world are printed here. The currency of Afghanistan is currently being printed here.

Afghanistan’s currency was printed by a Russian company in the 1980s, but was handed over to a UK company in 2002 when a new democratic government was formed in Afghanistan under Hamid Karzai.

It is believed that the British currency also composes Afghan currency notes. Its safety standards are very strong. Therefore, the chances of making or printing counterfeit notes are very low. Afghani notes are printed in challans of 01, 05, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000.

100 rupees means 115 Afghanis

There is a lot of chaos in Afghanistan right now. People are competing to leave the country. There is a crowd of people outside the airport. It is now feared to have an impact on the currency here as well. Compared to the Indian rupee, the Indian rupee is currently equivalent to 115 Afghanis.


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