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The good news: Learn about the reduced rates of Remedicivir injections

The number of corona patients in the country is increasing rapidly. The Center has taken a major decision in this regard and announced a major reduction in the cost of Remedicivir injection. Companies have cut prices by up to 70 percent. Earlier, the government decided to increase the production of Remedicivir in view of the growing demand.
The drug Remedicivir was developed by Gilead Sciences as a treatment for the Ebola virus. But now it is used to treat corona. The research report states that it blocks the enzyme that makes the corona virus.

Union Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Sadanand Gowda said the government was taking all necessary steps to increase the production of remedysvir. In the last five days, over six lakh 69 thousand remedies have been made available to various States and Union Territories. He also said that the production of Remdesivir has been increased from 28 lakh bottles per month to 41 lakh per month. KD used to get Healthcare’s REMDAC at Rs 2,800. It is now priced at Rs 899. Syngjin International’s RemWin brand was priced at Rs 3,950. Which is now Rs. Dr. Reddy’s REDYX brand was priced at Rs 5,400. The price is now Rs 2,700. The CIPREMI brand of Cipla Pharmaceuticals was earlier priced at Rs 4,000. Which is now Rs.

Mylan Pharma drug company DESREM was earlier priced at Rs 4,800. It is now available at Rs 3,400. Jubilant’s JUBRI brand was priced at Rs 4,700. Which is now Rs. Hetro Healthcare’s COVIFOR brand was previously priced at Rs 5,400. Which is now Rs 3490.

On November 20, 2020, the World Health Organization said that doctors should avoid the use of ramadicivir in the treatment of corona patients. The association said there was no evidence that the drug had cured patients.

He further added that there was no evidence that remedicavir reduced mortality or reduced the need for ventilators. The company, meanwhile, said the claim was not true and that the remedial corona was effective for treatment.
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If anyone has a complaint about the drug, they can call the toll free number – 1800 111 255. Alternatively you can email [email protected]


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