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The fare on the new Mumbai Metro routes will be at least the same

Mumbaikar is a good one. Two more routes will be added to the Mumbai Metro route.

Mumbai: A good one for Mumbaikars. Two more routes will be added to the Mumbai Metro route. Therefore, the journey of Mumbaikars will be even faster. Right now is Corona’s time. Therefore, local service (Mumbai Local) is closed. Considering the congestion in the locals, both the new metro routes will be a great relief. Work on Metro 2A and Metro 7 routes is in the final stages. Now the metro is going to be tested on the route.

MMRDA is trying to start the first phase by October. The MMRDA has expressed confidence that both the Metro routes will be operational by January 2022. However, there was curiosity as to how much the fare would be on this route. However, this curiosity has been resolved. The minimum fare on these routes will be Rs. Therefore, Mumbaikars will be able to travel to Garegar for less money.

Metro 2A (Mumbai Metro-2A) and Metro 7 (Mumbai Metro-7) both Metro routes will be operational by January 2022, MMRDA Commissioner R. Rajiv has expressed. Tests will soon begin on a total of 20 kilometers on both these metro routes. While traveling on this metro route, a minimum fare of Rs 10 will have to be paid. Rajiv has clarified.

With the launch of both Mumbai Metro-2A and Mumbai Metro-7, the Western Expressway will reduce traffic by 20 to 25 per cent and reduce congestion by 10 to 12 per cent, said MMRDA Commissioner R.S. Rajiv has done it.


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