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The disease is depriving children of the ability to conceive, killing millions of people every year

It is a disease that deprives children of the ability to conceive. The shocking fact is that millions of people die every year.

Mumbai: There is a disease that is depriving children of the ability to give birth. The shocking fact is that millions of people die every year. Hypertension called silent killer. Hypertension is not slowly killing people but making them unable to have children. The Family Planning Association of India (FPA India) has given this warning in its report (Reproductive Health).

There are no symptoms of high blood pressure
The webinar was organized by the organization to mark the 72nd anniversary of FPA India. In which the health expert says that there are no external symptoms of hypertension. A person suffering from this disease looks normal from a distance, but on the inside he is exhausted. He doesn’t tell anyone his frustration, but he is completely exhausted on the inside and slowly falls into the trap of this disease.

Experts on family planning said in a webinar that the corona period has increased the incidence of the disease. Fear of losing a job, anxiety about getting sick, and problems in raising a family have made people more anxious than ever. As a result, they are becoming victims of hypertension.

Effects on the ability to conceive children
FPA president Dr Ratnamala Desai says the government should encourage regular health check-up camps in the country to reduce the incidence of hypertension. Men and women between the ages of 35 and 65 should be specially invited to these events. This is actually the age of reproductive health. If a person in this age group suffers from high blood pressure and is not treated in time, they may lose the ability to have children.

Hypertension deprives children of fertility, killing 3.6 million people every year

Sonu Goyal, a doctor at PGI, Chandigarh, says a study was conducted in India for women aged 15 to 49 years. In which it was found that one out of every 5 women suffers from this disease. Surprisingly, these women are not even aware that they are sick. That is why they do not even get treatment for this disease. It also affects their personal lives and their ability to give birth to children (Reproductive Health).

More than 10 crore people in the country are suffering
Hypertension is commonly called the problem of high blood pressure or high BP. This problem is facing about 10 crore 13 lakh population of the country. This disease is the leading cause of accidental death. Statistics show that about 30 per cent of adults in India are currently suffering from high blood pressure and are undergoing treatment for it. At the same time, more people than this number are not even aware of their condition.


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