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The decision to test the virginity, kidnapping the model by sharing photos without hijab

The rebels are preparing to test the virginity of that model

Sanaa: Model abducted by Hothi rebels in Yemen The model is 20 years old and her name is Yemeni Intisar Al-Hammadi. She has been accused of sharing photos without hijab on social media. She was abducted by insurgents claiming she was immoral. The Houthi rebels are preparing to test the virginity of that model. Only then will they decide on her release.

Reuters quoted Amnesty International as saying that the 20-year-old model had been abducted by Iranian-backed Hothi rebels. Sharing a photo without wearing hijab will force her to undergo a virginity test.

Yemeni Intisar al-Hamadi was arrested in February at a checkpoint in the capital, Sanaa. The site falls under the control of the Huthi rebels.

There have been many allegations against the model abducted by Huthi rebels. He accused the model of committing obscenities and being against Islamic principles. Al-Hammadi regularly posts his photos on social media. Which is wrong from an Islamic point of view. According to the report, they have put pressure on the model and forced her to confess to several crimes.

There is a track record of arbitrary arrests by Huthi rebels. Critics, activists, journalists and members of religious minorities have been silenced or punished. Also, many incidents of atrocities committed by them have been exposed. In addition, Huthi rebels are notorious for brutally killing their opponents.



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