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The death toll from the Barge P-305 crash has risen to 70, with the Navy still conducting a search

Attempts are underway to find the remains sunk in the sea.

MUMBAI: The death toll in the Barge P-305 accident that sank in the Arabian Sea has risen to 70. The submerged barge P-305 has been fully inspected by a special team on INS Capricorn. It has been revealed that there are no dead bodies inside. The navy had deployed a special squad to investigate whether there were bodies in the sunken barge P-305. But the navy has clarified that there were no bodies in it.

Attempts are underway to find the remains submerged in the sea. The search for other bodies at sea is also underway.

Many workers have lost their lives as the P-305 barge sank in Hurricane Tokte. As soon as the Navy got the information, the Navy brought back many people safely from the very difficult situation. The navy has rescued 188 people and so far 70 people have been killed in the accident.

The search for the remaining employees is still underway at sea. After so many hours the chances of reading are slim. But the navy is still working to find the bodies. Drivers are searching for them at sea through the Indian Navy’s INS Makar.

Several bodies have been washed ashore in Raigad in the last few days. Work is underway to identify the bodies. But it is believed to be the bodies of missing staff on Barge-305. DNA tests will be performed to identify.


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