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The company will pay full salary for 60 years even after the death of the employee; Home-medical and children’s education free

Tata Steel has made a big announcement for its employees.

Mumbai: During the Corona era, the government imposed lockdown as a last resort, but after that many people lost their jobs. How to meet the cost of living for the working class? That is the question. It was a long way to go to think about the future of our children and family. But Tata Steel has given good news to its employees. With this news, Tata employees do not have to worry about their children’s future.

After the death of a government employee, his family gets a pension, but what about employees working in a private company? Who will take care of them? In times of crisis, many national and multinational companies are providing some help to their families after the death of their workers, but that help is not enough in the long run. But the help Tata Steel has given to its employees is making employees forget their future worries.

Tata Steel’s biggest announcement
Tata Steel has made a big announcement for its employees. Employees are consistently performing their duties even in times of corona crisis. Some employees have also died during this period.
In such a situation, the company has made a big announcement that even after the death of the employee, his family will be paid full salary for 60 years. In addition, they will be provided with housing and medical facilities. Not only that, the company will also bear the entire cost of the children’s education.

In a circular issued by Tata Steel management, the company said that it is taking all possible initiatives to help its employees with social security so that the future of every employee working in the company is better. Tata management has said that in case of death of an employee due to corona, Tata Steel will pay full pay to its dependents for 60 years. Apart from salary, medical facilities will also be provided to the families of the employees. Not only this, Tata Steel management has also announced that if a company worker dies while on duty, the entire cost up to the degree of their children will be borne by the company management.

Tata has taken many steps in the interest of the employees
According to Tata Steel management, the company is always looking out for the benefit of its employees and stakeholders. Even during Kovid’s tenure, Tata Steel has been working tirelessly for the welfare of all its employees as well as its employees. Tata Steel is the first company in the country to effectively implement 8-hour shifts for its employees, company-based bonuses, social security, maternity leave, and employee provident funds. It is only after Tata’s initiative that other companies in the country have adopted similar criteria.


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