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The BJP government will get credit if the Maratha reservation is maintained, so the Thackeray government dropped the issue of reservation

Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis has said that Mahavikas Aghadi has raised the issue of Maratha reservation.

Mumbai: Opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis has said that the BJP would have got the credit if the Maratha reservation had been maintained. He said that Fadnavis had cheated the assembly. Fadnavis has also responded to all the criticisms made by him.

Replying to Ashok Chavan, Fadnavis said, “As expected, we are pushing the Center and the previous state government to hide our failures.” Ashok Chavan and Nawab Malik are lying. If this reservation had been maintained, the BJP would have got the credit, so this government has dropped the issue of Maratha reservation, said Fadnavis.

The Supreme Court report is in English. Not speaking of his translation, but commenting on the translation of his preface. The court had difficulty in not having it. The government did not provide a translation of the preamble. Even so, Fadnavis has said.

We had told the High Court that our law is before the 102nd Amendment, we are just amending it. This Mahavikas Aghadi government fell short.

At present, the government is shaking hands with the Maratha reservation. Sending it to the central government will not work. You have to take action, the government is lying and misleading.
If we are in power today, as the law has upheld in the High Court, the adjournment has not come. Also, we would have coordinated and upheld this law in the Supreme Court. This is also what Fadnavis said this time.


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