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Tension relief | SBI’s awesome feature to curb online fraud

State Bank of India (State bank of india) account holders this cyber
Security features have been introduced to prevent fraud.

Mumbai: Now is the time for online. Many home banking transactions can be done from anywhere. Online banking saves a lot of time for account holders. But online shopping is also prone to fraud. So far there have been several incidents of gangsters being harassed through various link phone calls. There has been a huge increase in cyber crime. State Bank of India has introduced a security feature to keep account holders away from this cyber fraud. Which will make the transaction even safer. It will also curb cyber crime.

Tension relief | SBI's awesome feature to curb online fraud
Tension relief | SBI’s awesome feature to curb online fraud

This feature is called Sim Binding. SBI has YONO app. This new feature has also changed the login process in this app. SBI account holders need to know about this. (State bank of india introducing new yono sbi sim binding feature with enhanced security know how to login)

Until now, this could be done with the help of login ID and password provided by the bank in SBI’s Yono app. It was also possible to login with the login-password created by the account holder. But now the SIM binding feature has changed the entire login process. The account holder will have to verify the SIM card along with the mobile number to use this feature. After that Yono will work. This SBI Yono app should be downloaded only in the mobile with registered number. A system generated message will be received after opening the app.

No tension due to SIM binding

After receiving the generated message, login and open the app. SIM binding eliminates the possibility of online financial fraud. It also helps in making the bank account more secure. This will prevent anyone from accessing the bank account. Also, one cannot login even after knowing the login and password. Because the mobile and registered number of the account holder is connected. The record of which is with the bank.

If the account holder’s mobile already has an app, it should be updated. After that the account holder will get the protection of SIM binding feature. Account holders will have to generate MPIN after SIM binding. After this all online banking services can be availed.

Account holder security

SIM binding is purely a security feature. SBI has launched this feature for account holders in the wake of cyber crime. The Yono app verifies the account holder’s SIM card. The bank has a mobile number registered with the account. The Yono app can be downloaded from the mobile number registered with the bank. However, the SIM card cannot be verified. So there is no point in downloading that Yono app. So the app has to be deleted.

Often there are multiple bank account links on the same mobile number. In such a case, the account holder should enter the same mobile number given in the Yono app while logging in. You also have to give the date of birth.

SBI’s Yono and Yono Lite are two apps. Both these apps are based on the principle of mobile phone one user one RMN. Simply put, a single Yono app can be operated from a single registered mobile number. According to the SIM binding feature, the account holder can use Yono and Yono Lite app from 2 separate numbers from the same mobile.

After the SIM card verification, both these apps can provide information on what to do to prevent fraud from cyber fraud. This will enable account holders to transact online more seamlessly and more securely.

How to do SIM verification?

Download and open Yono Lite and Yono app from Play Store.

If you have 2 mobile SIM cards, you will need to select a SIM card slot to register with SBI.

After this you will get a message on the mobile number. You have to send an SMS accordingly.

Then click on Proceed option. You will then receive a unique code.

After that you have to login by entering the username and password. Next click on Register option. Then click OK.

After OK, you will get the activation code. Activation code must be entered.


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