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Taliban threaten Britain: If you don’t leave Kabul Airport in a week, be ready for war

Afghanistan crisis: Taliban has given British troops time to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Mumbai: Afghanistan crisis: Taliban has given British troops time to withdraw from Afghanistan. The militant group said that if the British troops did not withdraw within a week, it would face dire consequences. Kabul Airport is currently occupied by American and British troops. Both countries are evacuating their citizens as well as Afghans in safe conditions. Given the nature of the situation, it is not possible to complete the rescue operation in a week. In such a scenario, the Taliban’s deadline has raised concerns in Britain.

Johnson will meet Biden today
According to The Sun, the Taliban have threatened to prepare for war if British troops do not leave Kabul airport within a week. The terrorist organization said that even a minute’s delay could lead to a fierce conflict. Meanwhile, during the G7 meeting, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet US President Joe Biden today. Johnson will ask the US president to extend the August 31 deadline for withdrawing from Afghanistan, so that more people can be evacuated.

Rapid rescue operation
According to experts, if the US refuses to extend the deadline, the next seven days will only go to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In such a situation, Afghans arriving at the airport hoping to leave the country will be disappointed. Meanwhile, Britain has stepped up its rescue efforts. Several of its planes are circling Kabul to evacuate as many people as possible.

Capture earlier than expected
The United States had set an August 31 deadline for a full withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the Taliban had already taken control. Now the deadline is too short considering the way the crowd of people leaving Afghanistan is arriving at the airport. In such a scenario, the situation has become even more worrisome due to the Taliban threat. About 230 aircraft from around the world are currently involved in the rescue operation. That includes 18 civilian aircraft from Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Waiting for an airlift
Currently, about 1,800 British citizens and 2,500 Afghans who help them are waiting to board a plane at Kabul airport. The United States and Britain have evacuated about 37,000 people from Afghanistan since August 14, but much remains to be done. The role of the Taliban is being considered if the United States agrees to the extension.


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