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Taking the last video on Instagram is a shocking step

The family members alleged that they took this extreme step out of the quarrel, read exactly what happened

Latur: A recent shocking incident of a young man committing suicide by posting a video on Facebook has taken place in Latur district of Maharashtra. The 19-year-old took the last step by posting a video of her suicide on Instagram. The young woman decided to end her life and caused a stir in the area.

According to the information received, 19-year-old Soni Sheikh, a resident of Anand Nagar area of ​​Latur, committed suicide by strangulation. She had uploaded a video on Instagram before committing suicide. This incident has brought down a mountain of grief on the Sheikh’s family. The exact cause of the suicide has not been revealed yet.

In the video on Instagram, Soni Sheikh is crying and is seen in mental stress. She says she is leaving the world and no one is responsible for her suicide. Soni Sheikh used to live with her mother in Anand Nagar area of ​​Latur city. She was alone in the house at the time of the suicide.

After the suicide, the landlord called and said that Sony had committed suicide. Sony had been arguing with a person on the phone for a few days. Also, the phone has a photo of the person and the mother of the deceased Soni Sheikh has demanded strict action against him. An accidental death has been registered at Vivekananda police station and further investigations are underway.


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