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Suresh Raina’s struggle to get oxygen, Sonu Sood came to the rescue

The second wave of the Corona epidemic has taken a heavy toll on India

Mumbai: Corona is on the rise in India. Growing corona patients do not get hospital beds. So the health institution is under stress. Facilities are inadequate. Where oxygen is not available, where injections are taking place, there are painful incidents where people are dying. Star players and celebrities are now struggling with the omnipresence for oxygen.

In such a scenario, Sonu Sood has become the backbone of everyone from the common man to celebrities. We are making as much gold as we can. Sonu has also helped Suresh Raina, a former Team India player and a star player in the Chennai team.

Raina asked for help on social media
Raina posted on social media that he needed oxygen for his family. Raina’s aunt was found in Corona’s lap and is currently undergoing treatment. Raina asked for help on social media as she was in dire need of oxygen. He also said on social media that he had a lung infection.

A helping hand from Sonu Sood
As soon as Sonu Sood received the message, he assured Raina that he would get oxygen in the next 10 minutes. Sonu lends a helping hand to him and so the person in Raina’s family gets oxygen.

Raina thanked Sonu Sood
Suresh Raina has thanked Sonu Sood on Twitter. He asked for help on Twitter as oxygen was not available and Sonu got it immediately. So, Raina tweeted, “Soni Paji, I am very thankful to you, be careful.”

The second wave of the Corona epidemic has taken a heavy toll on India. Over the last few days, more than three lakh cases of infection have been reported every day. The crisis is exacerbated by the lack of vital drugs and oxygen. Thousands of people are losing their lives every day because of this.


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