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Super vaccine! Preparing to eradicate the ever-changing coronavirus, what is a vaccine?

Outbreaks of coronavirus have been reported worldwide. The first wave of corona came and went. Now the second wave has begun. This second wave has made matters worse.

Mumbai: Outbreaks of coronavirus are being witnessed all over the world. The first wave of corona came and went. Now the second wave has begun. This second wave has made matters worse. Corona viruses are constantly coming in different variants. First the British variants, then the African variants, then the Brazilian and now the Indian variants. Therefore, the crisis of corona virus is seen to be increasing. Now all kinds of universal vaccine (Super Vaccine) of this virus is coming. Testing of this Super Vaccine has started. This super vaccine works only once. Again, no matter how many times a corona virus mutates, it doesn’t matter. Also the corona will not have any effect on your body. (Super Vaccine: Scientists Invent New Vaccine that Can Fight All Forms, Mutations and Strains of Coronaviruses)

Scientists have discovered a new vaccine. Which will be able to cope with all forms, changes and strains of coronavirus. This new vaccine will be known as ‘Super Vaccine’. Vaccinations to prevent corona have been underway around the world for the past few months. Emphasis is being placed on vaccination. As a result, the number of people vaccinated against corona is increasing significantly. But now, researchers have found such a new vaccine. Which will protect against all coronaviruses.

The vaccine has been developed using an innovative method to prevent corona. For this, Steven L. of UVA Health. Researchers Steven L. Zeichner and Virginia Tech’s Xiang-Jin Meng have worked day and night to find a super vaccine against corona. This new vaccine is more effective against Covid-19’s SARS-CoV-2. Plus any new strain of the corona is going to be an elixir. So after getting this vaccine, you will get more protection from corona.

One dose of vaccine is enough for all coronaviruses?
One dose is enough to kill the corona virus, a vaccine developed by Zeichner and Meng. (one vaccine fight all coronaviruses) This new vaccine has been developed from an unusual perspective. The spike of the virus targets a part of the protein called a “viral fusion peptide”. This fusion peptide is essentially universal in coronaviruses; In fact, it is not altered or differentiated in any of the genetic sequences of SARS-CoV-2 received from thousands of patients around the world. The vaccine’s ability to target this universal area is what makes it effective against all coronaviruses.

To test its effectiveness, Zeichner and Meng developed two vaccines. One was developed to protect against covid-19 in humans and the other to protect against porcine epidemic diarrhea vaccine (PEDV) in pigs. Both of these diseases are caused by the remotely related coronavirus, which shares many amino acids that make up fusion peptides.

Both vaccines were given to different groups of pigs and subsequent analysis showed that the PEDV vaccine as well as the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine protect pigs from diseases caused by PEDV. Although the vaccine does not completely prevent infection, it has successfully prevented and protected pigs from developing severe symptoms. Furthermore, they have also pledged to boost the immune system of pigs to respond more effectively to infection. Therefore, it is likely that this vaccine will be available soon.

Through these observations, the scientists concluded that if both the PEDV and Covid-19 vaccines protect pigs from the disease caused by PEDV and the immune system decides to fight the disease, then the Covid-19 vaccine will also protect humans. This vaccine is going to be an effective tool against severe coronavirus infections.


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