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‘Sultan’ of Rs 21 crore has gone, ‘Sultan’ has fallen

The Sultan was offered billions, but the owner refused to sell him

Haryana: Sultan said that Bollywood star Salman Khan stands in front of his eyes. But another sultan in Haryana was famous all over the country. Redya named Sultan was dominant in North India. This Redya from Budhakeda village of Kaithal in Haryana was very different. But now this Sultan is not in this world. He suffered a heart attack and said goodbye to the world forever.

In 2018, at the Rajasthan cattle fair, a bid of Rs 21 crore was made for the Sultan. But the owner politely refused to sell it. He was earning millions of rupees every year from the sale of his semen. He had also won many prizes in national animal competitions. The Sultan Murra race was the tallest and longest rida in the world. The Sultan weighed 1700 kg and was about 12 years old. Once he sat down he would sit for about 7 to 8 hours.

The life of the Sultan’s luxury
The Sultan lived a very luxurious life. He drank 10 liters of milk daily, ate about 15 kg of apples and carrots. He was given a special diet of dried fruits, bananas and ghee. The Sultan used to eat fodder worth about Rs. 3000 per day. But he was also giving the owner millions of rupees.

His master, King Beniwal, took care of the Sultan like a son. With the departure of the Sultan, the cloud has now fallen on them. Holding a picture of the Sultan in his hand, he now stares sadly into the void. The place on which the sultan used to be tied is now deserted.

Although the Sultan is no longer in this world, he is immortalized in the memories forever. Because such a sultan does not happen again.


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