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Strange tradition of celebrating with dead bodies here … What is the reason behind this?

The people of this community celebrate the Dead Harvest Festival.

Mumbai: Any deceased person is cremated. After a few days, some pooja is performed to bring peace to his soul, after which he becomes busy in his life. No matter how close the person is to you, you cannot keep him close to you, and that is the law of destiny. But there is a society in which these people keep the dead person close to them. What’s more, these people celebrate the Dead Harvest Festival with them.

Have you ever wondered, what is the place in the world where people live with the bodies of their ancestors? There is a country in the world where people never take their family members away from themselves after their death. After the dead are transformed into mummies, they keep them at home.

The tradition of keeping the dead with people can be seen in the Torajan community in Indonesia. The people of this community celebrate the Dead Harvest Festival. On this day, they take the dead out of their buried boxes and bathe them and also put on new clothes. They then make the dead man’s favorite food and feed him.

On the date on which these ancestors of the people died, they are taken out, then they are bathed and decorated, on that day they call their relatives and friends home. On this occasion, there is a festive atmosphere in their house.

The Torajan sect in Indonesia believes that death is not the end of life. Also, the dead are alive. So these people not only keep the dead with them, but also give them food. In this cult, when a person dies, he is not buried, on the contrary, they sacrifice a buffalo. After the buffalo is sacrificed, the body is taken home. After that, he was taken to the granary and then to the cemetery.


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